My personal Mac era – finally

Now, after all I also entered my very personal Mac era. After just a bit more than approx. 20 years. It all started back in school with an Apple IIe.
Now, the brand new machine is a MacBook, it has an additional Gigabyte of RAM and it’s black. And it’s quite cool.
The general feeling is very good indeed, especially the keyboard is a lot better than any other notebook keyboard I’ve worked with. But then I’m a tester, so there’s one question to which I really don’t have an answer (yet): Why aren’t some characters printed on the keys. It’s the curly braces ‘{}’, the brackets ‘[]’, the back slash (can’t find that at all right now) and the pipe symbol ‘|’ that I really miss. These are oh so frequently used when programming Ruby, and they’re just not visible. Anyway I expect to train some part of my brain in remembering where they are and that it, then.
Oh and the @: On other keyboards it’s ALT-Q … and it’s too easy to accidentally hit that – as the Apple key-Q which closes the current application. Not really convenient when enterling an e-mail address in a lengthy web form. Well, that kind of motivates to learn this piece of information comparatively fast.


2 thoughts on “My personal Mac era – finally

  1. Hmm, looks like it depends on the keyboard layout: The pipe is Alt+7 and backslash Shift+Alt+7 on my German keyboard. Which actually makes some sense, given that the slash is Shift+7.

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