A MacBook, Textmate and, well, Ruby My pleasure, …

A MacBook, Textmate and, well, Ruby

My pleasure, joy indeed, to work with my first Mac has already been expressed – so on to new topics: Even more joy and pleasure.

Having been a long-year Textpad user, I already expected that I’d pretty likely would like Textmate. As it’s used by quite a few Ruby and Rails developers trying Textmate seemed natural, especially as it seems to match Textpad’s idea of an editor with a clean user interface.

Anyway, I admit it: Textmate’s interface seemed to be too clear: No icon bar to click, I didn’t even realise that there is a menu bar: Detached from the currently active window as it is on a Mac, I had still to get used to it. The command key for oh so many often-used commands wasn’t (yet) on m RADAR.

Notwithstanding it felt like home – foreign still, like a new home you just moved into – but a lot more familiar than, say vi or Emacs. Note that I’m saying nothing against either of these. There are so many users of both of them out there, I can only guess that there must be something, even quite a bit, to both of them. Anyway, they’re both not for me – may be I am (well, used to be) a Windows user for too long.

Now of course I discover new cool things everyday: Hit ^H and get what ever ri has to offer for the word under the cursor. Use Subversion from inside the editor. Have syntax highlighting not only for Ruby files, but also for the HTML part of RHMTL and the Ruby code inside the ERB tags. And many more including, but in no way limited to, the completion of abbreviated commands.
Then, of course, there are those beautiful colour schemes, the project support (which is a lot better than Textpad’s) and much much more. Mhhh, seems I get carried away a little bit. It’s just so an improvement compared to my previous life. And better than my ‘professional’ life in the company I currently work at: Not even the most current version of Windows and a text editor with an, um, sub-optimal user interface.
Sometimes, when I dream about that I wake up and then cry a little.


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