Euruko – Location & Date

After a few weeks of struggling to find a location we finally found a place. In fact we also found a new date:

Euruko 2007 will be located in Vienna, Austria on Saturday & Sunday 10th and 11th November 2007.

This was also announced on ruby-talk as well as the Euruko wiki … and a few other places.
If you’re planning to attend or to give a presentation, please use the wiki to register.


4 thoughts on “Euruko – Location & Date

  1. It would be great to know, when exactly the talks will take place and of course the socializing part. This information is valuable for everybody who tries to book a plane and hotel rooms.

    To make it more explicit: The first (cheap) flight from Berlin lands at 8 o’clock in Vienna – I guess this would be sufficient to hear all talks on Saturday, but the last (cheap) one at 16:25 on Sunday. This is probably to early. But what are the experiences from the last years.

    Is it wise to get an early flight on Saturday and return on Monday? Or better from Friday afternoon to Sunday/Monday? Any hints?

  2. As it has been with Eurukos before, the conference depends a lot more on the attendees and presenters than other conferences: Last year several talks were planned short term (as in announced in the morning, given in the afternoon).
    Up to now there are just not enough talks registered to give a detailed schedule. Anyway it’s very likely a good guess that we’re statring about 9:00 and finish, say approx. 19:30 on Saturday and ca. 16:00 on Sunday (all times +- half an hour). Roughly.

    Concerning the socialising part: We’re going to have one. Planning has juat started with contacting the local Ruby group in Vienna. Again, just as in the years prior, it’s probably going to happen on Friday evening. But that’s a guess.

    I personally will likely go (by train) to Vienna on Friday, may be even Thursday already and return late on Sunday.

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