Euruko 2007 in Vienna, Austria

Wow, there are already 46 registrations for the European Ruby Conference, and 9 people who “might come”. That’s great, as we were already at the capacity for the room with that number last year. Obviously Ruby gained quite a bit of interest within the last year. Apparently it was a Good Thing to have a larger room this year: The room can take 100 people “easily” and 170 “squeezed in” (hope I got the translation right).

Currently there are already 19 people willing to give at least one talk, some even offered giving two. So there’s no problem filing to full days with interesting stuff about what’s going on in the Ruby world. I really looking forward to this, especially the Koichi’s talk about YARV and Ruby 1.9.1. How exciting is that? And then there’s something about Ragel, a state machine compiler. And, doing test automation myself, of course I’m interested in the talks about automation. These are going to be exciting days.

All that for a conference fee of just about 20 Euro.


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