EURUKO 2007 is over…

So the European Ruby Conference is over for 2007 — a big “Thank you!” to everyone involved: Organisers, the Universitiy of Vienna for the great lecture hall and network we were allowed to use, the Viennese who did a great job getting it done, the speakers — keynote or not — and of course all the attendees.

Euruko 2007 - lecture hall entry I was not very surprised to see that Testing, Quality and Beauty of code was a topic again, as was meta programming and really interesting new applications. For more on that including links to the available slides please see the Euruko 2007 Wiki.

If you like to stay connected and watch the photos we shot in Vienna sign up at Facebook and join the “Eurukobackweb” group. There we’ll also try to get “Euruko 2008” organised. Up to know it’s all open: If you’d like to see it happen in your city or country: Join the group. If you prefer a more sunny season: Join the group. Should you think it should be more organised: Join the group. Or is you “only” like to get in touch with Ruby programmers: Join the group. 🙂

Hope to see as many of you as possible again next year. And a few more new Eurukoristas. It’s fun, interesting and the coffee was excellent (remember? We were in Vienna).


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