Ruby in Munich

It’s time for a new Ruby (and Rails) meeting in Munich. We’ll meet on Wednesday 9th of April starting at 19:00 (CEST) in the Pizzeria Michelangelo.

If youre’ coming, please answer via e-mail or comment by Tuesday (08.04.2008) 12:00 CEST (in order to make a reservation for enough tables). 

Possible topics are: A short report from Euruko2008 which happened in Prague in late March, actually any other Ruby related topics.


2 thoughts on “Ruby in Munich

  1. Damn it – just saw this a day too late.

    Has there been an announcement on the usual
    mailing lists? I don’t remember seeing any.

  2. Yes: It was announced on, ruby-talk, ruby-de-talk, this blog (which in turn was updated at
    Anyway, I have to admit that we did it on a rather short notice, since we (me and another one) decided to meet only on the Saturday before.

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