MacBook Repair

During Euruko 2008 the top case of my MacBook broke a little bit. At the right hand side of the front a ‘splint’ of the case came (partially) off. This was not a big issue since it was easily fixed with some sellotape. Strangely enough other MacBooks had the same piece of tape at nearly the same place.

And the day before yesterday it happened again (this time at the edge of the right side), giving me a good reason to go to the recently opened Apple Store in Munich. The first impression: Nice people there – friendly, helpful and tech-savvy.

The first good news: They would repair it free of charge even though the MacBook was out of warranty. The second good news was that I got it back today already. That was a quick and complete repair since the entire top case was replaced, including the keyboard & mouse pad.

I wasn’t too happy when the case broke, but the service in the store was really very very good.


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