Sinatra and reloading

Since its 0.9.2 release on 18th of May 2009, Sinatra doesn’t automatically reload files anymore – not even in development mode.

To achieve this use ‘shotgun’

sudo gem install shotgun

and then start the server using:

shotgun <your_applicationname>.rb

The effect is essentially the same (apart from avoiding the issues the ‘traditional’ way of reloading apparently had – which is why it was removed). 

Thanks for pointing this out in this thread @


3 thoughts on “Sinatra and reloading

  1. It was my first try of sinatra and I was like “How do I make this stuff to development mode…” 🙂 It appears that there’s nothing you can’t fix with a kick to the door and a Shotgun 🙂

    Thanks for the tip paired with livereload it made a nice couple 🙂

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