That’s me

Contact me: phvalue-at-mac · com

I’m a freelance software tester, analyst and developer. Other than that, I’m also a curious mind and observer. I do/like (not neccessarily in the given order):

Qi Gong & Hiking



Music – Amy Macdonald, Xavier Rudd & others



Good atmosphere, preferably with slightly more than 78% Nitrogen, approx. 21% Oxygen and about 1% Argon – pressure should be roughly 1013 hPa. The Temperature shouldn’t leave the range from about 250 K to approximately 310 K for too long/much, thanks.
Earlier in this life I studied Physics and have worked as an oceanographer. You’ve probably guessed that already.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hallo StePhan,

    du siehst verändert aus. An der Brille allein liegt es glaub ich nicht.
    Haare kürzer?

    Frohes Schaffen

    wünscht WilhelmHH

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