Berlin – Day 2 / Cute Knut and more

One of the sightseeing program was ‘cute Knut’ the young polar bear in the Berlin Zoo. And then today will also see ‘Bratwurst on Rails’. Meanwhile there’s still lunch, a boat trip and some more preparation for my RejectConf talk.So much to do and see — but so little time…

See you at the Bratwurst event.

PS: I remember an e-mail with proposed tag to use for blogging about RailsConf Europe — but can’t remember what exactly some suggestions where… Can someone please give a hint?


Berlin – Day 1 / pre RailsConf Europe 2007

A great city. Huge in fact. And the hotel is great too: Located in the centre of the city, just a few minutes walk away from the Kalkscheune, the location of Bratwurst on Rails (which unfortunately seem to be down at the time of this writing [2007-09-16T09:48:37+02:00]. And the RailsConf Europe 2007 hotel is just a little bit further down the street close to the train station Friedrichstraße. Another plus for the hotel: Wireless network is free. 🙂

Hmm, I received a letter from the RailsConf organisers with a suggestion of what tags to use, if only I printed that out at home.