Euruko 2009 – back from Barcelona

These two days with Ruby enthusiasts form all over the world not just Europe was great. Nicely located at citilab, with very good public transportation to the city centre of Barcelona, there was enough space inside as well as out side the building to talk to the other attendees, just relax in the sun or work with the notebook. Two wi-fi networks inside and outside the building could deal well with all the notebooks and mobile phones connected to it. This worked very good indeed.

The presentations I liked most where the ones introducing really exciting and new stuff. First and foremost there’s Rhodes, which enables the creation of native mobile applications with Ruby and HTML. And of course Matz’ keynote was very entertaining as well. More really new stuff was about Adhearsion a way to build voice enabled application with Ruby (and Rails). Then some of the presentations were a really good show. Most notably Javier’s talk about gosu, a framework for games and Pablo’s presentation about Archaeopteryx which was probably the loudest presentation I’ve ever heard. 🙂

The only thing that was a tad bit disturbing for me was that I didn’t have one of the mobile microphones available and was kind of stuck behind the table as well as the phones themselves, as they seemed to go silent now and then. Aslak dealt with this best I think, repeatedly saying “Hello?” directly into the microphone whenever it went silent.

I think this year was the first time Twitter was heavily used during Euruko, reusing a bot made for Scotland on Rails. and this helped enhancing the communication and connecting people even more than in previous years. A special “Thank you” to all for the other attendees who gave me direct feedback about the presentation as well as the corresponding discussion about it, including but not limited to: Andrew Miller, Tim Becker, Mike Just, Dave Frey. Thanks a lot, indeed.

More summaries are available from Javier and Tomasz

Next year Euruko will take place in Krakow, Poland and I’m already looking forward to going there.


Euruko 2009

Over at the registration is now open. The conference is on the 9. & 10. of May 2009 in Barcelona, Spain. It seems they collected quite a few exciting talks – and mine. 😉

Really looking forward to going there.

Euruko 2007 in Vienna, Austria

Wow, there are already 46 registrations for the European Ruby Conference, and 9 people who “might come”. That’s great, as we were already at the capacity for the room with that number last year. Obviously Ruby gained quite a bit of interest within the last year. Apparently it was a Good Thing to have a larger room this year: The room can take 100 people “easily” and 170 “squeezed in” (hope I got the translation right).

Currently there are already 19 people willing to give at least one talk, some even offered giving two. So there’s no problem filing to full days with interesting stuff about what’s going on in the Ruby world. I really looking forward to this, especially the Koichi’s talk about YARV and Ruby 1.9.1. How exciting is that? And then there’s something about Ragel, a state machine compiler. And, doing test automation myself, of course I’m interested in the talks about automation. These are going to be exciting days.

All that for a conference fee of just about 20 Euro.

Euruko – Location & Date

After a few weeks of struggling to find a location we finally found a place. In fact we also found a new date:

Euruko 2007 will be located in Vienna, Austria on Saturday & Sunday 10th and 11th November 2007.

This was also announced on ruby-talk as well as the Euruko wiki … and a few other places.
If you’re planning to attend or to give a presentation, please use the wiki to register.

EURUKO 2007 – Take 3

Thanks for everyone who replied to the previous postings. Unfortunately the amount of the feedback is, let’s say, not statistically significant enough to base further planning on it.

In addition to this we settled for the 4. and 5. November. Unfortunately, we then learned that this clashes with the RubyConf in Charlotte, North Carolina. Is that a problem for anyone (i.e. would you attend both conferences if they wouldn’t clash)? If so, please raise your exception voice. If we don’t know about it, we can’t fix it – so please tell us (well, tell me). Even though it’s still close to RubyConf, we could for example settle with the 10. and 11. November. What do you think/prefer?

Anyway, there’s the first lesson learned: For next year we’ll have to start planning earlier to avoid the date conflicts.

As the precise location isn’t fixed yet, we’re still open to adjust the location to the expected number of attendees – in only we’d know what to expect. Given year’s increase of interest in Ruby and Rail, it’s very hard to estimate this number. And a good estimation would help us a lot, since we wouldn’t like to prevent people from attending, just because there’s way to few places available.

European Ruby Conference – Another Step

We’ve now set up a Basecamp. Contact me with any requests for a login, if you’re interested to help getting the conference organised.
And if you couldn’t remember a single additional login, why not letting us know by commenting here or sending me an e-mail?  May be you have an idea about a talk you’d like to hear or, dare I mention it, a presentation you’d like to give.

The EURUKO is not a commercial conference, it’s meant to follow the Open Source spirit: If you like to contribute – well – do it.