Mount …

… Kilimanjaro is the place where on of my colleagues is going to this summer.

But it’s not just going to Africa. It’s about experiencing an entirely new environment.

And it’s about support. In fact you can support him to support others who really need it at


What’s your footprint?

This footprint ‘calculator’ got me thinking.
Well, actually my personal footprint isn’t that large (1.8 global hectares), lower than the average in my country, since I don’t fly with air planes much (last time last September to RailsConf Europe in Lonon), I don’t own (or drive) a car. But still — if my footprint were world average, our one single Earth wouldn’t be enough to feed all of us, not to mention other inhabitants of this planet.

What’s your footprint?

How rich…

Although Ruby made my job “richer” this isn’t really related to the language…

However, in my opinion it’s important to be aware of the fact that “we” are rich. Even if you don’t feel so, that fact that you can read this on the net – using a computer (even if it’s not yours) clearly shows that you’re rich. Richer than most other humans on our planet.