RejectConf in Berlin 2007

During the RejectConf 2007 in Berlin yesterday evening I talked about testing, contraints and the relationship between testers and developers. The talk is available as a PDF file at “Test, Test, Test”.

Thank you to all the other presenters and the Berlin Ruby User Group for providing the location etc.


Berlin – Day 3 / RailsConf Europe part 1 – Tutorials

The morning started with me finding out that breakfast at my hotel is served from 8 to 11 — while I had to leave before 8. Anyway there’s so many places in Berlin to get a great breakfast. So I had it on the way to the conference.

The 1st tutorial I atended was Trotter Cashion’s “Refactoring”. that was a good introduction as well as a few great tips for tools to help refactoring:

  • heckle: ‘Bebugs’ your code automatically and will tell you what you didn’t cover in you test cases in quite a few cases. It dynamically changes you code by turning ifs to unlesses, ‘==’ to ‘!=’ etc. You get the idea. It then checks whether you unit/tests are failing, i.e. wether they would allow you to find this particular fault. Which they likely won’t in so many cases.
  • grep: Well, it’s grep.
  • rcov: Another tool to tell you about test coverage. This one generates HMTL reports which show which code is and isn’t executed when running your test cases. Very useful a lot faster than heckle, at the price of being less rigousus.
  • glark: A new way for grepping.

After than lunch time revealed that this time lunch is a lot better than at last year’s RailsConf in London. In fact is was excellent. Fresh fish, salads, lettuce, desserts. Options – more than one indeed – for vegetarians.
A minor issue is, just like in London last year, the wireless network: With about 300 attendees around, the network is really really slow.

Now, I’m attending the GIS tutorial (while typing this post). Anyway the accompanying script seems to be a good starting point.

And my RejectConf talk still isn’t done…

Berlin – Day 2 / Cute Knut and more

One of the sightseeing program was ‘cute Knut’ the young polar bear in the Berlin Zoo. And then today will also see ‘Bratwurst on Rails’. Meanwhile there’s still lunch, a boat trip and some more preparation for my RejectConf talk.So much to do and see — but so little time…

See you at the Bratwurst event.

PS: I remember an e-mail with proposed tag to use for blogging about RailsConf Europe — but can’t remember what exactly some suggestions where… Can someone please give a hint?

Berlin – Day 1 / pre RailsConf Europe 2007

A great city. Huge in fact. And the hotel is great too: Located in the centre of the city, just a few minutes walk away from the Kalkscheune, the location of Bratwurst on Rails (which unfortunately seem to be down at the time of this writing [2007-09-16T09:48:37+02:00]. And the RailsConf Europe 2007 hotel is just a little bit further down the street close to the train station Friedrichstraße. Another plus for the hotel: Wireless network is free. 🙂

Hmm, I received a letter from the RailsConf organisers with a suggestion of what tags to use, if only I printed that out at home.