European Ruby Conference – Another Step

We’ve now set up a Basecamp. Contact me with any requests for a login, if you’re interested to help getting the conference organised.
And if you couldn’t remember a single additional login, why not letting us know by commenting here or sending me an e-mail?  May be you have an idea about a talk you’d like to hear or, dare I mention it, a presentation you’d like to give.

The EURUKO is not a commercial conference, it’s meant to follow the Open Source spirit: If you like to contribute – well – do it.


5 thoughts on “European Ruby Conference – Another Step

  1. I really enjoyed last year’s conference and am looking forward to this year’s. Let me know if you need help organizing. Are you going to set up a wiki again for informal registration and planing topics for talks?

  2. Actually the wiki we used last year (and the years before) is still there and working. Anyway, personally, I think it’s a little bit ugly and doesn’t leave a great impression.
    We try to keep it as informal as the years before but with better organisation (availability of cables, scheduling of the talks etc…).
    However, due to the large increase if interest in Ruby in the past year we have no idea about how many people to expect.
    Thanks for the feedback and stay tuned – more information as soon as I have it.

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